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Hallo Dankeschön, dass Sie meinen Blog besuchen. I am Indonesien woman, several  my friends call me efin, as Hausfrau from my Germany beloved husband Silvio Hübner and Momy von  einem schönen Mädchen *Kathleen Mikhaela Hübner*. I live in Oschatz, East Germany since June 2016.

I lived in Jakarta, as Capital city of Indonesia. I am the eldest, daughter from Bapak Prayitno and my Ibu Veronica. I have one sister Diah and my "big" brother  Agung, and my cute nephew which I always  miss, his name Cute baby Lintang.  I will always miss them so much cause stay far away from them. I hope Jesus  keep them on health and happiness always.

To fill out my freetime,  I like cooking delicious food for my beloved husband, and I will feel so very excited when he spend all of my cooking, fell so amaze.

I also like gardening, one by one I fill out every side my house with flowers and plants. Travelling visit tremendous place is also my hobby, visit all Schengen countries are my dreams in future, and other  side cycling together with my husband.

This blog I dedicate for all blogger who wanna to know about some amazing place around the world, for my friends, relatives in Indonesia who will know about my progress and my story life in here, about side of Germany life, addaptation with germany culture, language and local people. This blog also dedicated to all new imigrants who will start new life for staying in Germany. I am writing my days and all of my activity as my diary life who always remind me for God's bless in my life.

Many new things and experience that happened in my new place. Adapt process with my new environtment, peoples, culture and also with Deutsch sprechen. Many goverment procedures that must be followed by new imigrant as me. Every single time felt hard because  limitation  to find some information with sharing experience with fellow imigrants, that I can learnt by my self  from net. With this blog, I will share all of my experience that I paased as long as my story  life in Germany.   Feel free if any questions for me, with the pleasure i wll try to help. So enjoy your life as grace and happy reading